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Viva Engineering Plc Company profile

Company Profile

Viva Engineering PLC is mainly engaged in Construction, electromechanical works, Construction Machineries rental, Communication and community based appropriate technology. During its existence, Viva Engineering PLC has accomplished different projects in the manner clients are ultimately satisfied and has shown tremendous growth.

Potential Projects / Business Area

1. Construction Works

a. Building

b. Dam & Water Works

c. Road & Railway

2. Electro-mechanical Works

a. Power works (Sub-station, Transmission and Distribution)

b. Telecom works (GSM towers, telecom equipment installations and ICT related works)

c. Industrial Works

3. Construction Machineries Rental

4. Logistics


Operating Principles

Operating principles

Customer focus- customer satisfaction is the paramount purpose of
Viva Engineering. Meeting the requirements and value expectation of our
internal and external customers is the primary task of our every
Continuous improvement- Our planning activities will recognize
Continuous improvement as a primary business objective. Our services,
together with process and systems which produce them will strive to be
Employee improvement-We will provide an Environment and related
value system in which all people are personally involved, individually and
as team members, in establishing and achieving quality goals.
Partnership- we will develop and maintain mutually beneficial
partnerships with other related company who share our commitment to Achieve increasing level of customer satisfaction through continuing improvement in quality, responsiveness, timeliness and cost.
Highest standards of ethics and integrity- we will conduct our business
in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, with
honesty and integrity, and with a strong commitment to the highest
standards of business ethics.